Dr. Yan Xin and Yan Xin Qigong
    New York State Senate: No. 2968, March 24, 1998

"WHEREAS, Individuals and organizations devoted to improving the quality of life for others, enabling them to build lives of dignity and self-worth, are deserving of the highest praise and recognition; and

WHEREAS, From time to time, society calls upon these individuals and organizations to be recognized for the significance of their contributions and efforts to assist others in developing the skills necessary to be successful, productive citizens; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Yan Xin has become a legendary figure among contemporary Chinese qigong masters, because of his extraordinary qigong power, his profound knowledge of Chinese medicine, his advanced martial arts skills, and his persistent effort to introduce qigong to modern scientific researchers..."


Governor Bill Owens of the State of Colorado granted August 19, 2000 as Yan Xin Qigong Day in the State of Colorado.

"(Yan Xin Qigong) has added to our community's richness and understanding about a number of important health issues...Yan Xin Qigong effects in health, education and society have been demonstrated by both scientific studies and personal experience..."
--Governor Bill Owens, the State of Colorado, 2000 


"Yan Xin Qigong has demonstrated a strong commitment to health, self-improvement and longevity, and served as a model of all Californians."
--Governor Gray Davis, the State of California, 2000

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